Sports Programme

At Gopal’s Garden High School, for a well balanced development of mind, body and spirit, we lay equal emphasis on Art and Sports as we do on textbook education.

Students are given plentiful opportunities through the year to indulge in indoor and outdoor sports activities and events.


Why Us?

“every champion was once a contender that refuse to give up”

– Rocky Balboa

Indoor Games

To build body flexibility, muscle strength, physical stamina and mental focus, our well-equipped Fitness & Games room provides the following facilities :

  • Roman Rings
  • Wall Bar
  • Balancing Beam
  • Gym Cycle

Outdoor Games

At Gopal’s Garden, the students are exposed to various outdoor sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Handball, and Cricket. Experienced coaches provide guidance and training to help them improve their performance and co-ordination skills as well as endurance in various outdoor games.

They then participate in several inter-school competitions every year for a real-world test of their learnings. Being active in sports imbibes in the participants, qualities of fitness, competitiveness, sportsmanship, and excellence.