Pre-Primary School

Laying The Foundation

The Preschool section of any school requires the utmost care and attention. Not only does it lay the basic foundation for the child, setting them up for a bright future, but also impacts the people who interact with and are associated with the child.

At Gopal’s Garden High School, we believe in creating an ideal environment for every child under our wing by focusing on the key components that help build their, culture, character and competence.

Preparing Them For The World

With this in mind, our Preschool programme is designed in a child-friendly way which fosters holistic development through our innovative “Play-Way” method of education. This enables the child to have a smooth transition from the casual home environment, to the semi-formal environment at Preschool, and eventually out in the real world.

Why Parents Trust in Us?

Years of Experience
Qualified Teachers
Happy Children
Total Activities