Gopal’s Garden High School features include an interactive Smart Class environment that fosters excellence and innovation. To facilitate an enhanced learning experience, the course syllabus is taught with the aid of PowerPoint & A/V presentations, Notes, Flowcharts, Graphics, etc.

This hands-on use of various multi-media gadgets keeps the students creatively engaged, while interpersonal communication skills improve with project presentations helping the students to stay confident and motivated.

Computer Lab

Computers are extensively used in almost every sphere of life today. Computer literacy and proficiency is a must and we take special efforts to ensure that our students are adept with the machine. The lab has 35 machines with Intel i5 (2 nd Gen) processors, 4GB RAM, and TFT monitors, all connected by LAN. The student-computer ratio of 1:1 ensures that students get sufficient hands on time to practice freely.

The school advocates only legal and licensed software. Students are trained in the usage of MS Office, Corel Draw, HTML, MS-Access, Flash, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, etc. and are given basic tutorials on simple programming. Being computer savvy is an asset for the students not just within the school for their current education but also for their future in the fast developing world.

Math Lab

To make the study of math more interesting and practical we also have a math laboratory. There are multiple teaching models on some of the more difficult topics in Mathematics such as the Pythagoras theorem, various aspects of shapes, areas, fractions, probability, etc. to make the most abstract concepts of mathematics more concrete and relevant.


Why Us?

“Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

-Pablo Picasso