Garden Mellows

Annual Day Celebration

As indicated by the name, Garden Mellows stands for a pleasant and relaxed setting, as is our Annual Day Celebration Event.

Biennially the Garden Mellows show is organized to reflect and showcase our unique Indian culture. Preparations for the event start early on with the selection of a theme, which has included ones like – Mother, Guru and Journey in the past. The entire show then features songs, dances, plays and tableaus revolving around the yearly theme.

Depiction Matters

Each item depicts our rich history and its relevance to the present times. Keeping in line with the culture of the school, the focus remains on depiction of traditions, patriotism and value systems.

Garden Mellows serves as an equal opportunity platform for the students to display their talents, with every child in the school getting a chance to perform on stage. It is also a time to take a break from academics and to let go of any inhibitions such as stage-fright, making it one of the most enjoyable and talked about events of our school.