Frequently Asked Questions


The school fosters a sense of self-discipline among all its students. We want every child to become conscientious about reaching the school on time, attending all the classes and activities at their stipulated times. Usually children reaching late to the school will be allowed only thrice in a term with a warning in the school dairy. However, if child exceeds the warning, the school has right to send the child back home with the parent. Child’s track record for maintaining school timings will also be taken into consideration.


In this case, the parent has to produce an affidavit from the court stating that the birth certificate belongs to the child.

You will have to go back to previous place of residence to get the seal of relevant gram panchayat or municipality on the birth certificate.


Our school does not accommodate more than 40 students per class. This is to ensure high one-on-one teacher-student interaction. Also, we have trained our teachers to give extra attention to students who may be weak in studies. We have also appointed a counselor, who may be able to sort out your child’s problems and figure out the reasons for slow learning and give suggestions on how the situation can be improved. At home, your active participation and motivating the child by praising him for his efforts can go on a long way in turning the whole situation around.


Please do put your worries to rest. Your child’s final scores and the decision for promotion to the higher standard does not depend on her performance in the final exam alone. If she is unable to appear for the final exam, an average of her marks in other tests will be taken into account and if the required minimum is met, she will most likely be promoted to the next class. However, you must produce a doctor’s certificate declaring her unfit to appear for the exam.

As per rule 15 of the examination bye-laws in no case heads of affiliated schools can detain eligible candidates from appearing at the examination except in the case of shortage of attendance of the student. Minimum 75% of attendance is required.

Extra Curricular

We appreciate and understand your anxiety over this. We encourage all our students to develop their aptitudes and talents over and above academics. For detailed information, please refer to extra-curricular activities, student life section. Also read about the students’ awards and achievements. The above pages will address your worries. However, we also depend on your support and initiative to encourage your child to take full advantage of the facilities provided by the school.


We strictly discourage missing exams for reasons other than medical grounds. A sense of prioritization is a must for self-discipline, which needs to be inculcated in all children. Students absent from an examination/test for any reason will not be re-examined. But they will be in the next class according to the overall grade obtained. The decision of the principal will be final.

As a rule, ‘leave of absence’ from the school is granted only with the prior approval of the class teacher or the principal. Due to unavoidable reason if the child has remained absent the child will be marked absent.

Taking leave without due notice and keeping away from school for over a week is not allowed. We want discipline and a sense of responsibility to be abided and respected by all parent community and children. We want to ensure that children do not take studies lightly and we hope you realize that we only have your child’s best interest at heart.

You can submit a letter seeking leave on the first day of the attendance. If the student has been down with a contagious/infectious disease, a fitness certificate from the doctor would be required.


The school gives utmost importance to the safety and security of every student within the school premises. The school has round-the-clock security at the school gate. The school has vigilance cameras installed on various floors and corridors of the school and the principal can monitor movements of students on the cctv. None of the members of the general public are allowed inside unless they have sought prior appointments. Also at the entry gate, such persons will be required to make an entry giving complete details of their names and addresses. Their identities will also be checked.Once your daughter enters the school premises, she will not be able to go out of the school.

Career guidance

The school conducts a career counselling every year for class 10, they are guided by the counsellor, who can help your child in choosing a stream best suited to his mental abilities and skills. However we have appointed a full time counselor in the school. You can seek prior appointment with the school counselor and have a one-on-one talk with him/her.


All withdrawals from the school can be made only on a written request, made by the parent/guardian to the principal.