Gopal’s Garden High School embraces all the important aspects of National Curriculum Frame work – 2023 (NCF) weaving multi-layered learning experiences into the fabric of our teaching learning programmes. According to NCF, learning is not merely the gathering of information but development of self. This frame work conceptualizes human existence through five layer Koshas i.e. ‘Panchakosha’ conceptthe ancient Indian emphasis on body- mind connection.


The Five Layers:-

The five layers in order of progressive development are as follows:

  • Annamaya Kosha focuses on the physical development of the child. We encourage healthy and balanced diet for inculcating healthy food habits amongst students and parents. We even offer nutritious and sumptuous Prasadam during special festivals and events. Yoga, Dance and Music and Movement activities.
  • Pranamaya Kosha provides the vital energy required for smooth functioning of the various systems in the body. We implement this through variousbreathing exercises,yoga, dance, music and meditation.
  • Manomaya Kosha emphasis on becoming aware of ones emotions.We promote socio-emotional and ethical development through mindfulness activities, stories that help them develop decision making skills and imbibe a culture of kindness, gratitude and empathy. We also have a wellness centre which caters to the students’ emotional wellbeing. We instil life skills in our curriculum which enables students’ academic progress as well as their mental well-being.
  • Vigyanamaya Kosha facilitates the development of the intellect, decision making and ability to discriminate. We incorporate this through various activities which enhances students’ literacy, numeracy, hands-on science experiments, coding, financial literacy, IT and activities that empower them to learn by doing.
  • Anandamaya Kosha connects oneself to the spiritual realm.We believe that Art and Culture are the gateways to this realm. Aesthetic and Cultural Development is woven into our curriculum through creative art activities, shloka recitation, seamless integration of teachings of Bhagwad Gita.

Each layer exhibits certain distinct characteristics. Thus holistic development of a child takes into account the nurturing and nourishment of these five layers.

Why Parents Trust in Us?

Years of Experience
Qualified Teachers
Happy Children
Total Activities

Teaching with Love

Besides providing an ample scope for physical, intellectual, and social development of students through scholastic learning, our curriculum also stresses on co-scholastic grooming through the subjects of Art, Health and Physical Education. The school provides an Art room and a Music room with modern facilities. Students explore and discover various forms of both visual and performing arts.

Overall Development

Our teachers act as facilitators who encourage collaborative learning and development of multiple skills by ensuring an amicable atmosphere for students to raise queries and have their doubts cleared. They also promote active learning among the students with a focus on reflection, assimilation of knowledge and staying connected with the world around.

Assimilation Of Knowledge

Gopal’s Garden High School strives to integrate innovations in effective pedagogy, essential knowledge, and learner-centric application with a generous use of available resources to optimally incorporate the CBSE framework.

The school curriculum is executed successfully by utilizing traditional blackboard teaching, model demonstrations, theoretical explanations, hands-on-projects, practical experiments, as well as modern audio-visual aids. Students also benefit from English and Math enhancement programs like Karadi Path and Mindspark respectively.

Exploring Wisdom

Though the academic syllabus adheres to the format of the Examination Board, we incorporate the additional principles, values, and culture that reflect the exclusivity of our school.

Workshops and sessions are conducted for students, parents, teachers and staff which help in nurturing the roots of our culture and in maintaining a proper balance in the lives of all our stakeholders. By following these inclusive principles and by personalizing our approach, we reach out to every student effectively.



Sanskrit – A Beautiful Language Of Impeccable Credentials.


Explore various instruments & performance opportunities.


Best tool to improve visual expression, exercise, social interaction


The most creative form of expression, to portray their talent.


Balanced development of body & mind through multiple indoor & outdoor sports.


Poetry, prose and play extracts in a range of styles from different periods.