What Parents Say!

Mrs. Manisha Chudasama
PG Diploma in ECED

“My son is a proud Gopalite. He loved his school and got annoyed with me if i didn't send him when sick. (his love for school which I couldn't fathom) And I must thank the Lord.... all through his 13yrs from Nursery to Class 10....he received the best teachers.... a significant factor. Dear team of Gopal's Garden High School my salute to you. stay blessed and nourish the future Gopalites.”

Dr. Mukund Shanbagh
MDS Endodontist, Mumbai university

“Gopal's Garden High School provided a very conducive environment for our three daughters to grow academically, culturally and spiritually. The teachers, the Staff and all students of the school were like extended family for our children and us. We have very fond memories and we miss GGHS even today.”

Dr. Girish Rathod
M.B.B.S, MS. Ortho Mumbai

“Gopal’s Garden High School has given my children culture, character and courage to navigate through the world. The school gives a balance blend of high- quality education and joyful memories of school era.”

Mr. Siddharth Hosangadi
B. Chemical Engineering, MBA Marketing

“My children Gopika and Mukunda were in Gopal’s Garden High School till their 7th and 4th Std respectively. The very loving and devotional atmosphere in the school coupled with rigorous academic and discipline standards ensured the all-round development of the children.
The management of the school was also genuinely concerned about the overall development of the school / students and actively took inputs from parents, academics and sadhus to continuously improve the school. Our children genuinely loved their time in the school and still cherish that time with fond memories.”

Dr Sandhya Subramanian
Bachelor of Dental Surgery MS (Psychotherapy and Counselling)

“ My daughter Janaki was one of the first students of Gopal’s Garden high school. She was one of the 3 original students. I guess she was very lucky to get to be part of GGHS right from its inception. Other daughter Vrindavaneshwari joined too later.
Both of them grew up hearing Kirtan and celebrating wonderful festivals. I give credit to GGHS for the beautiful spiritual values and blissful experiences that they gave our kids. I know for sure. That they will now go out into the world carrying this flaming torch of knowledge that they received in GGHS.
My gratitude to the teachers old and new and the whole support staff.”

Our Curriculum

Gopal's Garden High School now follows the Central Board of Secondary Education - A National Curriculum to provide
opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning along with co-scholastic grooming for physical, intellectual,
and social development of the future generation.

Traditional Languages

Sanskrit - A Beautiful Language Of Impeccable Credentials.

Music Programs

Explore various instruments & performance opportunities.

Dance Program

Best tool to improve visual expression, exercise, social interaction

Art Classes

The most creative form of expression, to portray their talent

Sports Programs

Balanced development of body & mind through multiple indoor & outdoor sports

Speech & Drama

Poetry, prose and play extracts in a range of styles from different periods.

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