Teachers Training Workshops:
In order to deliver Competency, Character & Culture to our students, GGHS Periodically conducts Workshops & Seminars for the teachers to successfully equip them to handle the changing needs of children and curriculum. Workshops and seminars are also conducted by learned speakers from spiritual milieu to strengthen them Professionally, Personally & Socially. We ensure continuous growth of teachers by regularly sending them for specialized CBSE training programs. These sessions help teachers gain knowledge about the ever dynamic curriculum of CBSE.
The Principal and teachers participated & attended the following programs:
  • Co scholastic assessments.
  • Scholastic assessment
  • Life skills training.
  • Inclusive education.
  • Capacity building in Social science.
  • Capacity building in Mathematics.
  • English Subject training workshop.
  • Series of Vedic Math training workshops
  • Class room management
  • Time Management
  • Pancha Kosha.
  • Svabhava Vigyan.
  • Sexual Harassment of Women at work place.
  • Interaction with HG. Dhatreyi Spencer Mataji.
  • Vidyalaya Training.
  • MICM training for effective use of school software.
  • Mindspark Math programme training.
  • ISO training workshops.
  • Life Skill - Dealing with Adolescent Children. (CPP)
  • Effective teaching in different modes of nature.

  • A series of workshops have been planned inducting the teachers to the philosophy of Bhagavat Gita, Sensitivity training, the Indian Education System, Yoga for healthy living, integrating special needs students in the classrooms etc. The benefits of these initiatives have been visible in the classroom transactions. The Faculty is working very hard and the School Management appreciates their hard work. The School Management is satisfied with the progress so far and is confident that our School will continue to excel in curricular and co-curricular activities.
    Parent-student enrichments:
    Workshops and Seminars and guest lectures are a regular feature in our School for our students and parents. The School has invited eminent personnel from an array of fields/organizations for the same. To name a few;
  • Child protection by Mrs. Usha Gaonkar and team
  • Parenting seminar by HG Radhagopinath P
  • Interaction with Adventurer Mr. Jason Lewis.
  • Presentation on Rally of Rivers by Isha foundation
  • Meeting with a banker
  • Hands on cooking experience (gas/gasless) by Mrs. Devyani Maheshwari and team.
  • Talk by cardiologist Dr. Aklujkar.
  • Meeting a dentist Dr. Patel and Dr.(Mrs)Degloorkar.
  • Deity Jewellery making by Mrs. Devyani Maheshwari and team.
  • Bhagwat Geeta quiz by Mr. Rajesh Kadam.
  • Sanskrit sambhashanam by HG.Madan Gopal P.
  • Jainism and Buddhism from Bhagvatam’s perspective by HG Radhagopinath P.
  • Devotional Musical Extravaganza by renowned singer Shri. Gaurvani P and team.
  • Exposure to Annamirta. (Food for life programme).
  • Talk on awareness on education for underprivileged.
  • Yoga session for students and teachers by Dr. Sharma.
  • Maths yagna.
  • Leech Therapy at Bhaktivedanta Hospital by Drs (Mr. and Mrs. Memane)
  • Internet safety training by IT professional Mr. Amit Garg.
  • Saturday Bhakti Sanga - A monthly program
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