Life Skills Program

The Life Skills activities at our School offers personal development that equip students with skills, values and attitudes to face the challenges and demands of everyday life.
Life skills-based education is being adopted as a means to empower young children in challenging situations and develop them into well-formed educated individuals. Children learn academics and the life skill activities in school which help them to apply what they have learned to their everyday life.
  • Kungfu at Gopal’s Garden High School, comprehends the significance of martial arts as a technique of self-defence and introduces Kungfu as a life skill in our school. This art form equips the children, especially girls, with a tool to defend and repel attacks, thus boosting their confidence and self-esteem.
    The recent surge in assaults against children has led to concerns over a safe environment. In this alarming social scenario, self defence becomes extremely essential.
  • Annual Science / Language Exhibition with 100% participation of students is put up during the academic year.
  • Educational Tours are conducted to various places. Our students visit Pune, Delhi, Barsana, Kolhapur, Aurangabad and many other places in India. These trips help them learn team dynamics along with exploration of the rich heritage of our country.
  • Co-Scholastic and Extra Scholastic activities are initiated by the School.
  • Sports Activities like Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Chess, etc., are encouraged
  • Regular Inter-house competitions like Debate, Quiz, Hand-writing, Poem writing, English & Hindi Elocution, Drawing, Craft – Best out of Waste, Singing, Chess, Carom, Badminton, etc. are conducted.
  • Joy of Giving – To demonstrate the values of sharing, caring and giving a ‘Joy of Giving Week’ is celebrated. The children contribute a vast variety of articles like toys, books, clothes, footwear, stationary, food items, etc. All the collections are donated to NGO’s.
  • Go Green – Activities like drawing competition, essay writing and planting saplings taught the students simple ways to preserve the environment with small actions. As a mark of support to this Awareness Endeavour-‘Go Green’ many activities like essay, drawing and slogan competitions are held. Planting saplings is taught to students as our small and simple way to contribute to the preservation of the environment.
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