The Gopal’s Garden Preschool runs in two shifts
Morning shiftAfternoon shift
We at GGHS firmly believe in learning through play way. As a result of which all our teaching learning revolves around this approach. The various activities are an amalgamation of stimulating the senses put together along with well-balanced hands on experiences. The entire academic year is split across into monthly themes, related to which there are multiple activities like cooking experiences, field trips etc. Apart from Academic activities, Preschool celebrates a bunch of festivals to strike a good balance of spirituality along with acquiring life skills. The Preschool children also participate in the annual events.
In order to keep a stress free environment, term wise one to one evaluations are conducted. Teachers write a detailed narrative report which describes the child under the domains of Social/Emotional Development, Concept Attainment, Language Development (English and Hindi) and Fine/Gross Motor skills. Our assembly is different, it focusses on educational as well as spiritual aspects for all children strengthening their roots right from pre-primary laying a strong foundation of their dreams. The day begins with the assembly for which the children assemble in the Temple hall. The prayers often end with dancing kirtan to which children thoroughly enjoy in ecstasy.
Exclusive to Preschool
Following are the events extensively conducted at Preschool:
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Bal Swachhata Abhiyan
  • Food court
  • Market day
  • Visit to an Old age home
  • Tell a tale
  • Science day
  • International yoga day

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