Mrs. Rajas Sardesai Bhosale

Our Institution is overseen by our Principal, Mrs. Rajas Sardesai Bhosale and her core team which comprises of competent and experienced educators and child-care specialists. These influencers have combined their expertise to ensure that every child receives the highest quality of academic mentoring, meticulous guidance and all-round development.

Principles of the Principal

With the blessings of our Founder, Trustees and Spiritual Guides, these are the founding Principles of 'Gopal's Garden High School', a name that refers to the four pillars on which this school stands;

The word Gopal means one who nourishes the innocent cows. This is the first principle of our school – Nourishment.
The body is nourished by exercise and games, the mind is nourished by knowledge and the soul is nourished by spiritual science. We provide a conducive atmosphere for our students to flourish as good, healthy and strong human beings.

This school is like a Garden. This is our second principle - Flowering.
The teachers here are like gardeners who help in flowering the consciousness of the students. They take care of the saplings admitted here, by showering them with knowledge, fertilizing them with good habits, and fencing them from vice.

This is our third principle – We endeavor to help our Students rise High.
We identify their ambitions and help convert that spark of talent into a fire of motivation. We provide them ample opportunities to climb high up on the ladder of success and prove themselves good in both academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

That is our fourth principle - Schooling.
We give utmost importance to academics and wish to instill in our students the qualities of a lifelong learner. A good school education provides a strong base for higher education and prepares one for life. We also provide them opportunities and guidance to appear for various competitive exams in the future.

With these four Principles or Pillars, we have been successfully fostering the overall Culture, Character, and Competence in all our students, and we will continue to do so.

Welcome To Gopal’s Garden High School!

Rajas Sardesai Bhosale

Mrs. Mayuri

Vice Principal

Core Team

Gopal's Garden High School

Our Curriculum

Gopal's Garden High School now follows the Central Board of Secondary Education - A National Curriculum to provide
opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning along with co-scholastic grooming for physical, intellectual,
and social development of the future generation.

Traditional Languages

Sanskrit - A Beautiful Language Of Impeccable Credentials.

Music Programs

Explore various instruments & performance opportunities.

Dance Program

Best tool to improve visual expression, exercise, social interaction

Art Classes

The most creative form of expression, to portray their talent

Sports Programs

Balanced development of body & mind through multiple indoor & outdoor sports

Speech & Drama

Poetry, prose and play extracts in a range of styles from different periods.

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