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Cultural Gatherings

As a melting pot of countless cultures, India celebrates scores of festivals and occasions. Be it the change in seasons, the period of harvest, the New Year day, the cultural incidents, historical events, the birth of divine personalities etc and so many more such joyous reasons, all call for community gatherings and festivities.

Celebrations are an essential part of our culture to share pride, joy, love, peace, prosperity, contentment, and oneness. At Gopal's Garden High School, we organize celebrations for various traditional festivals to inculcate feelings of unity and harmony. By coming together with shared objectives, we acknowledge who we are, where we came from, and where we’re headed.

A Learning Opportunity

Everyone looks forward to be part of these simple and yet enjoyable festivities in the school. Students dress in traditional wear , decorate the campus, sing & dance in various cultural programs, serve as volunteers during the feasts, participate in various competitions, and enjoy the festivities. These celebrations are as much a time for merriment as they are about developing an attitude of service and co-operation towards our fellow humans.

To hail our Deities, we mainly celebrate four festivals in the school, i.e. Janmashtami, Jagannath Ratha-Yatra, Pushyabhishek, and Nityananda Trayodashi.

Result Day at Gopal’s Garden High School
100% Results at Gopal's Garden high school

The celebrations have the following purposes:

  • Janmashtami : To be aware of the Supreme Cause behind the working of this phenomenal world!
  • Jagannath Ratha Yatra : To develop a loving relationship with the Supreme Cause!
  • Pushyabhishek : To inculcate feelings of universal brotherhood and harmony amongst all!
  • Nityananda Trayodashi : To respect all the teachers through the worship of the Supreme Teacher, Sri Nityananda Prabhu!

Observing these festivals reinforces the ethos and purpose of the existence of the school, while also providing opportunities for various interactions that train the minds(heads), hands, and hearts of all involved for achieving the main goal of life - Devotional Service to our Godhead.

Our Curriculum

Gopal's Garden High School now follows the Central Board of Secondary Education - A National Curriculum to provide
opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning along with co-scholastic grooming for physical, intellectual,
and social development of the future generation.

Traditional Languages

Sanskrit - A Beautiful Language Of Impeccable Credentials.

Music Programs

Explore various instruments & performance opportunities.

Dance Program

Best tool to improve visual expression, exercise, social interaction

Art Classes

The most creative form of expression, to portray their talent

Sports Programs

Balanced development of body & mind through multiple indoor & outdoor sports

Speech & Drama

Poetry, prose and play extracts in a range of styles from different periods.

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