Other Activities

Garden Buzz

The purpose of bringing out the Garden Buzz is to endorse the creative talent of the child and provide a space for him where he finds expression to his original, unadulterated thoughts. The laurels and distinctions attained by our children have also been brought into focus in this magazine which intends to be a bridge between the Parent community and the School and develop a stronger bond for the well-being of the child.

Aptitude Based Competitions

School regularly conducts a wide spectrum of intra school competitions like quiz, debates, singing, recitation, elocutions, science experiments, best out of waste, salad decoration, etc. to give opportunities to students to unveil their talents. In addition we encourage our students to participate in other academic competitive exams like Olympiads, Subject Talent Exams, Asset exam, etc. Students also participate in interschool exams in an array of fields including sports, theatre, poetry, dance, general knowledge, art, logical thinking, linguistics, etc.

Co-Scholastic and Extra Scholastic Activities

Post school, several activities are conducted at school such as training for Odissi, Football, Gymnastics, etc. Expert personnel from the fields above guide the students in honing their talents and passions in co-curricular areas.