Sri Sri Nimai Nitai

Gopal’s Garden High School is a temple of learning and at its center, the facility is graced with the presence of the holy deities Sri Sri Nimai Nitai and Srila Prabhupada on Their altar, creating a pious mood.

Altar is a sacred structure reserved for the most venerable figures, which is why when the school opens in the morning at 7:30 AM, it first welcomes students, faculty, and visitors to the resplendent sight of Their Lordships.

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Vigraha Darshana

The teachers along with the Principal take turns to beautifully decorate the Deities at the altar with attractive attire, fresh flowers, and lovely ornaments. This ritual invokes in the students a meditative experience called ‘Vigraha Darshana’ ( विग्रह दर्शन )

The students, mainly from the pre-primary section, offer their morning assembly to the Holy Deities with joyful reverence through music, hymns, prayers, and dance. These early morning impressions invigorate the students throughout the day.

Vigraha Darshana Gopal’s Garden High School
Prayer at Gopal's Garden High School

Our Curriculum

Gopal's Garden High School now follows the Central Board of Secondary Education - A National Curriculum to provide
opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning along with co-scholastic grooming for physical, intellectual,
and social development of the future generation.

Traditional Languages

Sanskrit - A Beautiful Language Of Impeccable Credentials.

Music Programs

Explore various instruments & performance opportunities.

Dance Program

Best tool to improve visual expression, exercise, social interaction

Art Classes

The most creative form of expression, to portray their talent

Sports Programs

Balanced development of body & mind through multiple indoor & outdoor sports

Speech & Drama

Poetry, prose and play extracts in a range of styles from different periods.

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