Written examinations do serve the important purpose of testing what a child has learnt through the year. Nevertheless, at Gopal’s Garden High School, we also emphasize on culture, character, behavior, attendance and class performance. We ensure that final exam at the end of year alone does not become the deciding factor for judging the child’s whole year’s academic and non-academic performance. Therefore, we assess the child through different types of internal assessment that involve many styles of learning and understating. We also conduct periodic test and half yearly examination as per CBSE board norm.
“Education does not mean knowledge (GYAN) only, it also contains a life within it; it is not an arrangement, it is a duty. It is not merely a means of livelihood; it is the precious treasure of the noble tradition of giving, bestowing.”
-Narendra Modi
Examination Schedule
Half Yearly ExaminationSeptember
Final Examination March
Annual Results March