Science Lab

Science is a hands-on subject in which students experience the topic by carrying out investigations.  The laboratory has a central and distinctive role in science education and rich benefits are yield by using laboratory activities in learning.  Gone are those days when science laboratories meant smelly, cramped labs where ten students poured over one experiment! Walk into the lab At Gopal’s Garden High School, each student gets ample space and time to see the Wonders of Science. The School has well-equipped Science labs. A state-of- the-art Biology laboratory equipped with LCD Projector and multimedia facilities has been added in the Secondary section. The lab has all updated models and equipment’s. The Physics and Chemistry Labs are also equipped with multimedia facility. What the students do in the Chemistry lab with the science experiment, redefines the term EDUTAINMENT!

Computer lab

Computers are extensively used in almost every sphere of life today.  Computer literacy and proficiency is a must and we take special efforts to ensure that our students are adept with the machine. The lab has 35 Intel5 2ndgeneration machines with 4GB extended Memory and TFT monitors, connected by LAN.  The student-computer ratio of 1:1 ensures that students get a practical experience of what they learn in class.  School advocates of only legal and licensed software. Students are trained in the usage of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Corel Draw, HTML, MS-Access, Flash , Windows Movie Maker , Audacity , etc. and are given a hands-on on simple programming.

Math Lab

To make the study of math more interesting and practical we have a math laboratory. There are various models on some of the difficult topics in Mathematics like Pythagoras theorem, various aspects of circles areas, fractions, probability, etc. to make the abstract concepts of mathematics more concrete and relevant.

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