Our institution is led by our Principal, Mrs. Rajas Sardesai Bhosale, and her core team which has several highly competent and experienced educators and childcare specialists. These influencers have combined their strengths to ensure that every child receives nothing but the highest quality of academic mentorship, focused guidance, and enriched all-round development.

Principles from the Principal

I seek the blessings of our Founder, Trustees and my Spiritual Guides and humbly put forth my thoughts about some Principles in my capacity as a Principal.

'Gopal's Garden High School'
This name refers to the four pillars on which this school stands:
The word Gopal means one who nourishes the innocent cows. This is the first principle of our school -Nourishment. Nourishment of the student’s is done on the platform of body, mind and soul. The body is nourished by exercise and games, the mind is nourished by knowledge and soul is nourished by spiritual science.
This school is like a Garden. This is our second principle- Flowering. The teachers here are like gardeners who help in flowering the consciousness of the students. Like a gardener they take care of the saplings admitted here by watering them with knowledge, providing fertilizers of good habits and fencing them from all vices.
This is our third principle – We endeavor to help our Students rise High. We identify their ambitions and convert that spark of talent into fire of success. We provide them all opportunities to go high up on the ladder of success and prove them opportunities of exceptional excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities.
That is our fourth principle - Schooling. We never compromise on academics and wish to instill in our students the qualities of a lifelong learner. That's our first priority because good academics is the base for higher education and education for life. We provide them opportunities and guidance to appear for various competitive exams. Rather we prepare them for all the competitive exams they will appear in the future.
These are the four Principles or Pillars aim at fostering the overall Competence, Character and Culture in our students here at Gopal’s Garden.
Welcome To Gopal’s Garden High School!

Rajas Sardesai Bhosale